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Deltek Cobra Introduction

This class focuses on the

Deltek Cobra

tool, and includes references on how EVMS concepts are related to Cobra.
2 Day Class. Pre-requisite, Must have access to Cobra Software with Full Access Rights.
During this class you will learn.

  • How to Navigate in Cobra.
  • Calendars, how they are used in Cobra and how to create Calendars.
  • Codes, how they are used in Cobra and how to create Codes.
  • Rates, how they are used and how to set up rates.
  • Resources how they are used, how to set up and how to Calculate.
  • Earned Value Techniques, how they are used in Cobra and how to apply and Calculate Earned Value.
  • How to create and integrate a new project by entering information directly into Cobra.
  • How to integrate project information into Cobra using an Excel .CSV File.
  • About forecast types and how to calculate simple Forecasts.
  • Techniques to enter Actual Costs, both directly into Cobra and using an Excel .CSV File.
  • Cobra Reporting, how to run stock Cobra reports and how to Configure stock Cobra Reports.

Timing :

  • Weekend : Saturday - Sunday (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Location :

  • Crystal City , VA
Price :  $800.00
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